#dinnercam: money-shots for food pornographers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a socially active food blogger in possession of an Instagram account must be in want of the perfect snap. Such is the case, that a quick… Continue reading

The Beginning: Making and Marketing Music by @blue_garnets

On the 21 March 2014, the first official Jules and the Blue Garnets single, ‘The Beginning’, was released- I’d like to tell you a little bit about how it all happened. I remember… Continue reading

The Burger King Motel: Encouraging fowl infidelity

Sexualising the guilt involved in eating greasy burgers and deep-fat-fried chips is of course nothing new, however the creative minds behind Burger King have taken things to another literal level as they sling… Continue reading

Women vacuuming outdoors… turns out it’s a trend

Not sure why this has gained so much traction online, but women vacuuming outdoors seems to be a ‘thing’. Go on, Google it!      

The Art of Social Media…

Michelangelo’s social goings on were very well documented, but social media profile non-existent…mainly because he died in 1564, was briefly reincarnated as a mutant, pizza-munching, shelled mammal in late 90′s and then went… Continue reading

Need an excuse? Ask Moyes @Lisa_Middleton_

Need an excuse fast but fresh out of ideas? Now you can have a ready-made excuse courtesy of Manchester United manager David Moyes. The city’s newspaper, the Manchester Evening News, today launched it’s… Continue reading

Sweet PR Success by @Lisa_Middleton_

Woke up this morning to some sweet news from across the pond…the first 24 hour cupcake vending machine has been launched in New York. The vending machine comes from Sprinkles bakery, but it’s… Continue reading

Michelin Starbucks? : Hot Coffee vs. Haute Cuisine

A quick hop, skip and a jump across the Atlantic and you too could take in the delights of the burgeoning food scene; exciting the senses amid the rarefied surroundings of classy restaurants… Continue reading

It’s Cool To Be Kind by @tommyholgate

I never understood the phrase ‘you’ve got to be cruel to be kind’, it seems like one of those cliches spouted off with the intention of alleviating guilt following a a morally bad… Continue reading

JLS sign ‘Watergraphs’ for World Water Day by @dmhwhite

With World Water Day around the corner, JLS founder Oritsé Williams pledged his support for WaterAid this week by adding his name to the first ‘wategraph’, also known as a wall of water… Continue reading