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If Tarantino made Disney films…

…they would probably be something like these

Mag + Art

Stumbled across a funny wee Tumblr that juxtaposes classic magazine covers over classic art. Here’s some of the best… Mag + Art

Lego build a band

Lego have recreated some classic (and not so classic) album covers. Here’s some of the best…

Artist @Todd_Spence Homage to Pixar’s Miserable Oscar Year

In an unusually fallow Oscar year for Pixar, artist Todd Spence has set about reimagining posters of some of the year’s best films – juxtaposing this year’s Best Picture nominees with some familiar… Continue reading

In the land of the blind drunk, the man with the leather drinking glove is king

Here he is, a solitary man drinking through the power of a leather mit. God bless him, he’s a god amongst men. Stand tall. Stand proud, and quaff away good sir. Quaff until… Continue reading

If children’s books had an 18 certificate…

They’d look a lot like this, plus I would have most likely read a lot more as a child. Here’s some of the best, courtesy of Josh Cooley and his rather wonderful blog… Continue reading

Modern Art is a piece of Cake

Inspired by her place of work, in-house pastry chef Caitlin Freeman has set about creating a dessert based menu for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Inspired by some of the most… Continue reading


Sometimes soaking up ‘culture’ is not as straightforward as you think… And to top it all off…

Appy Meals: Peer-to-Peer Food Sharing

The NRDC estimate that 40% of food in the United States goes to waste and ends up in landfill, with Americans throwing away $165 billion annually and making rotting food the single largest… Continue reading