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Tattoo artist inks celeb portraits

American artist Cheyenne Randall is clearly a big fan of tattoos, going so far as to spending a considerable amount of time Photoshopping some onto some celeb skin from throughout history. Here’s some… Continue reading

Even the classics need an update

Classic paintings. Modern twist.

Star Wars: Episode WW2

A long time ago, in an allied trench not so far away… Check out more of this type of happy nonsense at ISWWR.

Tumblr Art by VSE

The weird and wonderful world of Tumblr artist VSE OK is one filled with things crawling around their brain – mainly those things that feature the world of pop-culture and…well, toys. Here you… Continue reading

Ballet is Rubbish with Plastic Bags

French performance arty types ‘Compagnie Non Nova’ are clearly big fans of that creepy pretentious bloke from American Beauty, having written and directed a ballet performed solely by… plastic bags. Not really sure… Continue reading

What the fox say…

…a question on, well, nobody’s lips. However, in an effort to answer said query, a rather bizarre viral video ensues. Enjoy!

The art of napping

Napping, in my opinion, is an art that deserves some careful thought and planning. As such, I stumbled across this online and thought it deserved its own mini post. Night night…  

You can grow ideas…in the garden of your mind

A ridiculously catchy remix of the legendary Mr Rogers. It’s good to be curious…

Ladies and gentlemen, its time for some Cornish rap…

By in large I am not a big fan of rap in its various incarnations from Gangster to Xmas, and can’t say my knowledge extends further than knowing Biggie Smalls was iced by… Continue reading

Yet More Twerking (sorry, couldn’t help it)

I’m well aware that this is the second consecutive post about both Miley Cyrus and indeed ‘Twerking’ (which until recently I thought was an STD). However, to add a bit of culture to… Continue reading