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Cigarette ash offers creative outlet for artist

Artist come instagrammer Shin Shinrashige is trying to kick his cigarette habit by creating realistic portraits of some famous faces by meticulously separating the gray and black bits fag ash into intricate illustrations. Here’s… Continue reading

The Collection (by @IKEAUK)

It’s the final day at The Proud Archivist and have had a cracking week all in, building, shooting and opening the doors to ‘The Collection’ by IKEA. Bringing together the UK’s most passionate… Continue reading

The Disturbing realism of Disney

Ever wondered what a more realistic Disney universe might look like? No, me neither. That said, when some mentalist that works as a Nickelodeon storyboard animator as his day job did that very… Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Victorian Taxidermy

Once upon a time there was a bloke called Mr Walter Potter who loved animals so much that he spent his days collecting dead ones, stuffing them and recreating Victorian daily life in… Continue reading

The Musical Pringles Organ

Exactly what is says on the cylindrical tin really – a working musical organ made entirely from tubes of Pringles…well…the boxes. Created by Brooklyn based ‘mixed media artists’, whatever the hell that is,… Continue reading

Cuppaday: Recycling Art

Just stumbled on this Tumblr in which some bloke in Sydney spends every single day making art from used paper coffee cups. Fittingly called Cuppaday (well almost) the creative bloke in question is… Continue reading

Fictitious Dishes: Literature’s Most Memorable Meals

In keeping with the conceit of Marcel Proust, that the sensory overload of a particular dish can have in evoking involuntary memory – in his case the Madeline – New York based graphic… Continue reading

The Art of Social Media…

Michelangelo’s social goings on were very well documented, but social media profile non-existent…mainly because he died in 1564, was briefly reincarnated as a mutant, pizza-munching, shelled mammal in late 90’s and then went… Continue reading

Park and Slide: artist to transform Bristol into commuter waterpark

For a single day in early May, reluctant commuters in Brizzle can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a respite from gridlocked traffic, sweaty armpits or indeed face or a crush on… Continue reading