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Stylised animation goes inside Stephen Hawking’s mind

To mark the great professor’s Reith Lecture, which broadcasts on Radio 4 at 9am on 26th January, ‘Inside his Head’ is a wonderfully stylised visual kaleidoscope that offers a pithy celebration of Hawking’s… Continue reading

Music you can see…

Merging the dual disciplines of first year university science experiments and electronic beats, musician Nigel Stanford has created that elusive beast that is a viral video – one in which the viewer can… Continue reading

Qantas launch sickening social campaign: #qantasblankcanvas

Like me, many find the mere notion of the interminable thirty hour flight to the land down-under exhausting, boring and, in the case of those suffering from dickey tummies or in flight nerves,… Continue reading

#dinnercam: money-shots for food pornographers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a socially active food blogger in possession of an Instagram account must be in want of the perfect snap. Such is the case, that a quick… Continue reading

Trending Vending Machine from @Oreo #eatthetweet

Amid the wonderful world of SXSW, American biscuit peddlers Oreo offered onlookers the opportunity to try a variety of flavoured snacks entirely determined by the power of twitter. Promising to provide the ultimate… Continue reading

Celebrity Salami: the acceptable face of cannibalism?

Celeb culture relentlessly permeates the brains of the aspirational, fame obsessed masses that is humanity. However the next shaky steps into a terrifying Hunger Games-esk world are being taken sooner than you might… Continue reading

App sends automated messages to nurture relationships

In these times of all work and no play, some mobile boffins have built an app that makes relationships all the easier to maintain – courtesy of automated messages to keep the flame… Continue reading

Social Media Polygraph Finds Truth on Twitter

The world of social media is one fraught with speculation, discussion, debate and well, large helpings of utter horsesh*t. As an ardent advocate of all mediums of social media I am most certainly… Continue reading

Forget Spotify, Computers Make Sweet Music On Their Own

Forget Spotify, delete your iTunes account and take your computer to pieces, for within is where the music dwells….