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How Sainsbury’s redeemed itself AFTER it mocked slavery by @dmhwhite

Heard the one about a Sainsbury’s employee promoting the Oscar-winning DVD release of 12 Years a Slave…by dressing up a mannequin as a slave? Unfortunately, it’s true. And, thanks to Twitter, everyone can… Continue reading

Menus of Persuasion in a new age of PR? by @sportmarketing1

Your business is changing, has changed, and will need to change ever more dramatically, to meet the ‘persuaders’ challenge in the dawning of the new business age we are all entering. As Philip… Continue reading

Interactive Ad Simulates Drowning

In what has to be one of the creepiest ads of the year, the importance of wearing a life-jacket is effectively marketed by a video that makes you feel like, well… you’re drowning.… Continue reading

The Burger King Motel: Encouraging fowl infidelity

Sexualising the guilt involved in eating greasy burgers and deep-fat-fried chips is of course nothing new, however the creative minds behind Burger King have taken things to another literal level as they sling… Continue reading

‘Leaked’ National Trust ad – ballsy new campaign or student spoof? Either way, it’s pretty damn funny! by @Jess_Champion

I’m a bit late to the party on this one but watching the video made me laugh just as much today as it did when I first spotted it a couple of weeks… Continue reading

Celebrity Salami: the acceptable face of cannibalism?

Celeb culture relentlessly permeates the brains of the aspirational, fame obsessed masses that is humanity. However the next shaky steps into a terrifying Hunger Games-esk world are being taken sooner than you might… Continue reading

Calvin Klein bare all with sexy social #mycalvins campaign

Calvin Klein is a brand that very much knows which side of their social-media bread is buttered, and that is one with an extra layer of sexy. So, when it came to breathing… Continue reading

SOS! Charity campaign lacks social media edge by @dmhwhite

With more than 162,000 charities in the UK alone, competing for our attention and support, it can be difficult for them to stand out and generate media cut through. I can just imagine… Continue reading

Valentines Day: a commercial reason to pretend to give a f*ck by @Jess_Champion

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping it. If you get out of bed on February 14th, St Valentine’s day will be rammed in your face. But whatever side of the fence… Continue reading

Do or die. Anti-truancy ad goes viral by @Jess_Champion

Last week Australian charity, the Learn For Life Foundation, released a anti-truancy video with a surprising twist. It’s probably not for the faint hearted so if you’re easily shocked, you may want to… Continue reading