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#dinnercam: money-shots for food pornographers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a socially active food blogger in possession of an Instagram account must be in want of the perfect snap. Such is the case, that a quick… Continue reading

Michelin Starbucks? : Hot Coffee vs. Haute Cuisine

A quick hop, skip and a jump across the Atlantic and you too could take in the delights of the burgeoning food scene; exciting the senses amid the rarefied surroundings of classy restaurants… Continue reading

Celebrity Salami: the acceptable face of cannibalism?

Celeb culture relentlessly permeates the brains of the aspirational, fame obsessed masses that is humanity. However the next shaky steps into a terrifying Hunger Games-esk world are being taken sooner than you might… Continue reading

Wine for cats?

Picture the scene: it’s Saturday night and the pub awaits. Best clothes on. Hair looking good, wallet, keys and phone all accounted for.  Then, just as you leave the house, a final look… Continue reading

Chipotle Ad tells the cautionary tale of ‘The Scarecrow’

As far as multinational American fast food chains go, Chipotle’s latest ad campaign remains true to form and doing what all really good creative ads do – fashioning a brilliantly memorable mini-film worthy… Continue reading

Appy Meals: Peer-to-Peer Food Sharing

The NRDC estimate that 40% of food in the United States goes to waste and ends up in landfill, with Americans throwing away $165 billion annually and making rotting food the single largest… Continue reading