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How Sainsbury’s redeemed itself AFTER it mocked slavery by @dmhwhite

Heard the one about a Sainsbury’s employee promoting the Oscar-winning DVD release of 12 Years a Slave…by dressing up a mannequin as a slave? Unfortunately, it’s true. And, thanks to Twitter, everyone can… Continue reading

#dinnercam: money-shots for food pornographers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a socially active food blogger in possession of an Instagram account must be in want of the perfect snap. Such is the case, that a quick… Continue reading

Sweet PR Success by @Lisa_Middleton_

Woke up this morning to some sweet news from across the pond…the first 24 hour cupcake vending machine has been launched in New York. The vending machine comes from Sprinkles bakery, but it’s… Continue reading

Michelin Starbucks? : Hot Coffee vs. Haute Cuisine

A quick hop, skip and a jump across the Atlantic and you too could take in the delights of the burgeoning food scene; exciting the senses amid the rarefied surroundings of classy restaurants… Continue reading

Park and Slide: artist to transform Bristol into commuter waterpark

For a single day in early May, reluctant commuters in Brizzle can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy a respite from gridlocked traffic, sweaty armpits or indeed face or a crush on… Continue reading

Trending Vending Machine from @Oreo #eatthetweet

Amid the wonderful world of SXSW, American biscuit peddlers Oreo offered onlookers the opportunity to try a variety of flavoured snacks entirely determined by the power of twitter. Promising to provide the ultimate… Continue reading

‘Leaked’ National Trust ad – ballsy new campaign or student spoof? Either way, it’s pretty damn funny! by @Jess_Champion

I’m a bit late to the party on this one but watching the video made me laugh just as much today as it did when I first spotted it a couple of weeks… Continue reading

App sends automated messages to nurture relationships

In these times of all work and no play, some mobile boffins have built an app that makes relationships all the easier to maintain – courtesy of automated messages to keep the flame… Continue reading

Hit ‘N’ Run: Prince & The PR Power Of Guerilla Gigging by @Gaz_Griff

With what is thought by many as being the final gig of Prince’s current run of impromptu UK dates having taken place on Saturday night in Manchester, I thought it was time to… Continue reading

Valentine’s day PR heaven: Heart-shaped pizza, kiss-detecting app and yoghurt-feeding Guinness record are this year’s hits by @zmatyak

There are not a lot of days in the year that offer brands a helping hand in getting some publicity as much as Valentine’s Day does. On 14 February everyone is super-receptive to… Continue reading